About Us

"A collaborative initiative to share web hosting costs between churches as well as charitable organizations"
“Doron” (the Greek word for “gift”) is a volunteer ministry, and our gift to you. Our vision is simple: purchase the best web hosting available, and divide it at the lowest possible price-point among serving churches/charitable outreaches.

Project Summary

Churches generally spend more than they need to on web hosting. Packages available are often either oversized, or slow & outdated, or both. By means of inter-church/ charitable organization colaboration, we believe we can dramatically reduce ongoing hosting costs, while also providing a very high quality service.

Our initial investment has been close to $900.00 in order to rent a high grade server in Michigan. Our hope is that other churches will trust us sufficiently with their web hosting needs so that we might meet our goal of shared individual costs no greater than $5 a month for each participant.

If we can meet this goal, we will attempt to meet our next goal of also licensing a high quality website design/builder package that we can include in our $5 a month package. This would enable churches to design their own websites as well as host them for a fraction of current website operating costs.

Longer term, if a suffient number of churches trust us with their hosting needs, we expect our income to exceed our running costs, in which case we plan to drop the price of packages below $5/month.

We have a believing conviction that these goals are attainable. We will maintain our committment to providing the best in its class web hosting, as well as primarily maintaing this initiative as a ministry to others. i.e. we have no economical motivation for growth, no profit margins to speak of. Our only goal is to be useful helping the Lord's work at large.

Beside our initial goal to meet expenditure costs in beginning this initiative, we would like for the momentum of this project to be carried word-of-mouth. We feel this would help us maintain a better focus on being a specifically Christian ministry. As such, web hosting packages won't appear on our sales website. In order to subscribe, you will need to receive an invitation. If you are a bible based church, please inquire about this. We would be glad to invite you to join this project, and if you have received an invitation and know others who might also be helped, please pass the invitation on to them. We would like to help as many as we can. And if you are a faith-based charitable organization, please inquire. It would be our pleasure to minister to you through this web-hosting collaborative.

Please use the contact form above if you are interested in subscribing. Let us know the name of your church/organization & your principles, indicating in some way your committment to a biblical faith. Please understand that as a ministry to churches and faith based organizations, we will focus specifically on helping those who work from Christian principles.

Hosting Prices

  • Standard - $5/month:

    2.5GB website space with 5TB CDN space. Domain names for one parent organization & its child ministries, unlimited sub-domains
    20GB/month anticipated bandwidth for the website, unlimited bandwidth for files hosted on the CDN
    (most average churches will *more than easily* fit these constraints)

  • Enhanced - $10/month:
    For the "over-achievers" among us if they regularly exceed bandwidth restrictions--we'll contact subscribers if this is ever needed... We are presently thinking this will be unlikely.
    (We want to be fair to all users & again, ensure server speed for everyone).

Our Priorities

Efficient websites

One large area of our anticipated cost savings is to encourage webmasters to keep large (eg. video & audio files) on CDN's (content delivery networks) rather than directly on the server itself. As an added benefit, doing this will also speed up delivery of these files. To enable webmasters to do this, every account comes allocated with 5TB of Amazon S3 server space (more than enough for many years of audio or even video recordings hosted there.)

Fastest servers

We spent weeks analyzing statistics collected from multiple popular servers in order to find the best and fastest service possible, and we will maintain those speeds in the future by limiting the number of customers on each server so that each one runs well below its capacity.

Volunteer support

Volunteer support. This is perhaps our only compromise. Presently we are limited in support staff to save costs, so at our worst times support tickets may take longer than normal to answer. That said, we will educate users how to trouble-shoot issues, and will walk them through any problem areas until they are resolved… And once websites are set up, we are confident that the service itself will prove stable & exceed any comparable offerings in this price range or even above. Either way, we don’t believe support will be a problem, and if it is, we will refund your subscription.

Standard Features

  • Turbo Server: Up To 20X faster page loads
  • Free SSL certificates (HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt)
  • CloudFlare Free CDN (Avg. 200% faster page load)
  • Amazon S3 bucket for webmasters to utilize for delivering large files fast (eg. audio, video & oversized pictures)
  • WordPress LiteSpeed Cache
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment (Ultra-Reliable Hosting)
  • 10 Gb/s Redundant Network (for stability)
  • Quadruple Redundant Network (Even if one, two or even three of our US data center links were to go down, you would remain connected)
  • Perpetual Security (proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats)
  • Server Rewind Backups
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Latest versions of PHP/mySQL (user selectable if an older version is needed)
  • Unlimited Email accounts (best to set up as a forwarding/downloading service in order to conserve the allocated 2.5GB space on your server)
  • Access to apache Log Files, Webalizer Visitor Statistics, AWStats, Website Statistics

Contact Us link: Tech Support
Based in Harrison, AR, USA